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    1. hi turtles2000

      my name is yohan

      I love dogs.I have 3 dogs in australia and in france.
      my name is Zaidan i live in Brunei. I have 10 cat in Malaysia.Malaysia is my own country.All my family live in Malaysia exept my mother,father,sister and brother. I like to live in brunei beacause it silent relaxing place.I have be on grennland,london and Malaysia I like to play ipad 2 and imac my favorite animal is cat.
      yohan I have to ipad and 4 ipod 1 xbox.

      regard, yohan and zaidan

  1. Hi Tessa! I LOVE your blog and think your dog is reeeeeeeally cute! I will tell all my friends about your blog and tell them how cool it is!

    1. Thank you vey much! I hope your friends like my blog as much as you do! 😛 I hope you have a wonderous day.

      -Tessa :mrgreen:

  2. Hi Tessa I love your cats and your dog. I have 3 cats there names are shadow, nemo and blacky. nemo is 9 years old shadow is 5 years old and so is blacky because they are twins but they don’t look a like. I barely get to see them because they live with my grandfather. May you please put pictures of your cats.

    Bye from your friend Bazimah.

    1. Dear Bazimah,

      I will certainly look into posting pictures of my cats! And it is funny that you mention twins because not only are two of my cats twins but I have a twin sister and her name is Fiona! I hope you have a creative and insperational day.

      -Tessa :mrgreen:

  3. Hi Tessa! when I looked at your blog and I thought that it was so cool.
    I love your dog it’s so cute. I have two rabbits called Bugsy & Goldy locks.
    I’ve had Bugsy for 3 years & I’ve had Goldy Locks for 2 years. Goodbye hope I talk to you another time.

  4. Dear Tessa,
    My favorite animal fantasy is Serendipty the book. It is about a strange animal that hatches and does not know what it is and goes on a huge trip to the island of Capricorn to find out.
    – Momo

    1. Hi Moriah! I think every one in our class knows you love Seredipity books but I think they are more cute than anything! I hope I can get my new book soon! Bye for now.

      -Tessa 😮

  5. hi Tessa

    I love your football trophy pictrue and where did you see the match.i also love your dog pictrue.

    keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Tessa,
    We like your post about super bowl its cool.
    Just as idea you could of told us the team your frends like.
    We forgot to tell you are names,my name is Nadiyyah and my friends name is Ruby and my other friends name is Aleeya.
    By for now.

  7. Hello Tessa,
    I like your cats and dog. I like cats and my friend likes dogs too.I have 1 cat called Ben and 2 fighting fish
    called blaze and winter. I call my fish blaze because it’s red and i call my fish winter because his blue.
    thank you for writing the post it was extremely exciting!

  8. Hi Tessa

    We like your pictures.

    Nicholas has 1 cat called Chacha he is 5 years old
    he is white and fluffy

    Ye has 4 cats called oreo,jelly, malinda and lolly
    oreo is black and white, jelly is goldish-brown, lolly is also goldish-brown and malinda is goldish-brown also.

    We like turtles too!

    We look forward to seeing more things from your blog! 😉

    1. Thank you! I am glad you visited my blog and I will be sure to post a lot more things on the blog. 😀 I am definitly going to post some more pictures and maybe videos! Bye for now.

      -Tessa :mrgreen:

  9. Dear Tessa,
    Your blog about you five pets was very interesting to us. Our favorite animals are meerkats, kangaroos, horses, hippo’s, baby seals, kittens, and there are much much more animals we like. We read a lot of books containing adventures and faries.
    We have read the hole colletion of pet keeper faries.
    What you could do better was that you could tell how old your animals were.

  10. Hi Tessa,

    We are really interested in your blog.
    Isabel: I have two dogs their names are Marcel and Hachiko. Hachiko is a German shepard.
    Batrisyia: I love kittens and at my pet kitten is named Hana.

    We are really glad that you created this exicting post!!!!

  11. Hi Tessa,

    When I had only just looked at the title and I knew it was going to be awsome.
    I loved your dog, its so cute you know, I have two dogs and five cats!
    You know that trothy is so cool. I have to tell all my freinds about this Tessa.
    We live in Brunei Darussalam witch is in Asia.

    Jacob and Jerry

    1. Wow! That is alot of cats! 😯 I used to have two dogs but she passed away. 😥 I love cats and dogs! I hope you have a wonderful day.

      -Tessa :mrgreen:

  12. Hi Turtles2000,
    Hello our names are Nikolas and Josh we both like your cats, Nikolas’s cats are nancy and licirish. Josh’s cats are Sydney and Nancy, send lots of love to your cats Nina, Bandit, Lady and winny we also adore Duffy. Nikolas’s cats are both persian and one has black on its back the other is pure white sydney is gdenish and Nancy is black and white.

    Josh and Nikolas

  13. Hi Tessa ,

    My favorite animals are cats and dogs, and my friend Pat favorite animal is rabbits and cats.Because they are cute and fun to play with.
    I am 9 years old,Pat is 8 years old.
    I have 13 rabbits ,1 dog and 7 gold fish, Pat has 2 gold fish.

  14. Dear Tessa,
    You have a ton of visitors – how do you do it? Speaking of visitors – how many comments do you have? I think your blog is ok, but what’s up with all the turtles? There is this guy’s blog at that is really awesome. You should check it out.


    1. Hi Jacob!
      I dont know how I get all the visitors but I went to school with Bryan who owns the blog you put a link to. And the turtles everywhere is for one reason I LOVE turtles as in practically obsessed with them! But one thing with the comments I prefer not to sat how many comments I have but I have well over one hundred! For now Bye!

      -Tessa :mrgreen:

  15. YOu were right this is crazy cool. I won’t be checking all the time but sometimes. This is all about Turtles and whats going on in your life I thought only popular girls did that. If you don’t reply soon I will attack you at school. K bye.

  16. So. Where is my reply. I will give you until Wednesday then I attack. (I may be exaggerating a bit, but exaggeration or not I will attack. So be prepared. I will not stoop unless I get a reply.) Please reply soon.
    Your very good friend

  17. Dear anyone and everyone,
    I just thought that I’d tell you all…

    I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you do too, please tell me?

    -Bronte 😛

  18. dear Tessa,
    I really like your blog! Its really fun and creative. Congrats on your 5,887 visitors! check out my new blog at”

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